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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements

Original Medicare is crucial for covering some health care costs. However, the coverage doesn’t pay for everything. That’s where United Integrity Property & Casualty Agency Medicare Supplement Insurance may help. The plan complements your Original Medicare coverage, protecting you from incurring out-of-pocket expenses not settled.

At United Integrity Property & Casualty Agency we follow the standards set by the federal government to offer you Medicare supplement insurance in Pennsylvania.

Some of our plan features include:

  • Flexible choice of pans depending on your needs and budget. It’s advisable to look at what you need now and in the future.
  • Provided your doctor accepts Medicare patients, you can keep him/her without network restrictions.
  • The policy covers you anywhere in the US.
  • You can visit any medical practitioner as long as they accept Medicare patients without necessarily requiring a referral.

United Integrity Property & Casualty Medicare Insurance Coverage

There are four standard types of Medicare coverages: A, B, C and D. Each coverage is unique by cost and service depending on the coverage you choose, and the healthcare services used.

These types of coverages are just like building blocks. We can customize them to meet your needs. To help you decide what you need, learn about each coverage.

Medicare Part A

This is a hospital coverage. It meets the costs needed if you are admitted in an inpatient hospital or in a skilled nursing facility.

Medicare Part B

This is a medical coverage that covers clinic services, care received as outpatient and clinic services.

Medicare Part C

This is what is commonly called Medicare Advantage. It combines Parts A and B into one and often includes drug prescription coverage.

Medicare Part D

This covers prescription of drugs such as any medications prescribed by your doctor or/and any healthcare specialist.

Every person’s health care needs vary and so is our Medicare coverage. Depending on your needs, we can tailor the plan. Visit our offices in Pennsylvania to speak with one of our agents.