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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle accidents may result from negligence or riding faulty bikes. They cause severe injuries to riders. In Pennsylvania, there are specific insurance policies that motorbike owners are required to purchase. United Integrity Property & Casualty Agency offers different motorcycle insurance options.

Motorcycle Insurance Policies

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

All motorcycle coverage policies in Pennsylvania include uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance. When purchasing an insurance policy, your insurance provider sets a certain liability limit. The policy covers you if an underinsured or an uninsured rider injures you in a collision.

Liability Coverage

Standard liability coverage includes property damage and bodily injury liability. It covers you if your passenger or another biker sues you for injuring them in a motorbike accident. However, if you reach your policy limit, you may have to pay for other damages.

Comprehensive Coverage

United Integrity Property Agency pays all the repair costs you incur after a fire, harsh weather and theft damage your vehicle. Typically, it offers a certain coverage limit for your motorcycle's accessories and parts. It reimburses you up to the current market value of your bike.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is crucial for luxury and racing motorbikes. It is wise to purchase it if the repair cost of your bike is more than its current market price. The policy pays for all repair costs. Most insurance firms consider the customized parts and market value of your motorcycle to determine your collision coverage limit.

Additional Motorcycle Insurance Policies

Accessory Coverage

Some motorcycle owners prefer adding extra accessories to their bikes. Accessory insurance protects all equipment and accessories you install after purchasing your motorbikes such as antennas, plow blades and safety apparel. There is a variety of accessory insurance policies.

Labor and Towing Insurance

You can experience a mechanical breakdown while on a long journey. If it is severe, it may force you to seek towing services from a nearby garage. Labor and towing coverage pay for accommodation and repair expenses you incur before you continue your journey.

Are you interested in motorcycle insurance? United Integrity Property & Casualty Agency offers motorcycle insurance coverage. Visit our Pennsylvania office to speak with one of our agents.